About the Office of International Affairs

National Taiwan University of Arts is Taiwan's most traditional, yet most richly diverse university of arts.
Our mission and purpose is clear:  In addition to promoting growth in arts and culture in Taiwan, we are also committed to promoting the global development of arts education.

NTUA has established academic and cultural exchange links with more than 220 universities all over the world, and each year students go abroad for long-term or short-term exchange programs. In recent years, we have been actively recruiting foreign students to study at our university. Our goal is to increase the number of opportunities for local students to interact with foreign students, and to broaden their worldviews. We look forward to our university becoming a truly international university of the arts.

Team Members
Office of International Affairs
Occupation Name E-mail Duties
Dean 江易錚 博士
Dr. Yi-Cheng CHIANG
international@ntua.edu.tw Supervisor of international affairs
Secretary 鄭靜琪 秘書
Ms. Ching-Chi CHENG
t0066@ntua.edu.tw Secretary, Meetings,
Personnel Affairs, General Affairs
Division of International Education
Occupation Name E-mail Duties
Director 劉千瑋 組長
Dr. Chien-Wei Liu
chienwei@ntua.edu.tw Meetings,
International Education Projects and Affairs
Administrative Officer 于庭懿 小姐
Miss. Flora Ting-Yi YU
international@ntua.edu.tw Incoming Exchange Students Program, International Degree Students Recruitment and life consulting.
Administrative Officer 黃孔宏 先生
Mr. Kong-Hong HUANG
oiaed@ntua.edu.tw Outgoing Exchange students
Dual-degree program
Division of International Cooperation
Occupation Name E-mail Duties
Assistant Research Fellow 劉京璇 博士
Dr. Ching-hsuan LIU
ch.liu@ntua.edu.tw Projects and Affairs
Administrative Officer 何蕙如小姐
Miss Bella Hui-Ju HO
hueiru@ntua.edu.tw Receptions of guests, VIPs
Division affairs
Project Assistant 劉倩伶 小姐
Miss Charlene Chien-Ling LIU
chienliu@ntua.edu.tw Projects of MoE
Receptions of guests, VIPs
Division of International Art Exchange
Occupation Name E-mail Duties
Director     International Arts Cooperation Projects and Affairs
Administrative Assistant 周宜蓁 小姐
Miss Yi-Zhen ZHOU
yizhen@ntua.edu.tw Office affairs assistant
Division affairs

Please use followed phone number for phone contact,
+886-(0)2-22722181 internal line 1923